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If you are an adult or know an adult who wants to improve reading, writing and math skills, then you are at the right place. Get Reading Oklahoma is here to help!  Get Reading Oklahoma offers a free TV series - TV411 to help you LEARN TO EARN!

TV411 is a 30-episode TV series created by PBS Literacy designed to help adults with basic skills. The series gives adults the tools to help manage their family’s health and finances and for moving ahead at work so they can serve as their own best advocates. With TV411, everyday situations become a chance to learn.

How to WatchTV411

TV411 is available on OETA Monday-Friday, 6-7am (Click here for broadcast schedule); Cox Digital Cable's On DEMAND FreeZone (see viewing instructions below); Cox Cable's Channel 18 in Oklahoma CIty; Cox Cable’s Channel 21 in Tulsa (check the TCC TV Schedule for air dates and times.) Episodes are also available to view online.

Order Workbooks

TV411 has accompanying workbooks. Click here to order.

Cox ON DEMAND FreeZone Viewing Instructions
Follow these easy steps to view any program at any time on Cox ON DEMAND FreeZone:

Step 1: Tune to On DEMAND, channel 1
Step 2: Choose “Freezone” and “Cox Local”
Step 3: Select “Get Reading”
NOTE: In the “Get Reading” folder, you will see the TV411 episodes.

Television Schedule

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